Terror in Beverly Hills



Cameron mitchell is drunk and wants the doors closed. Hackstone is the main guy that appears for a few minutes on screen. He wears a rope that he never uses. For some reason an amazing collection of trophies is always on display. Cameron mitchell points a lot when he talks. He says “bring your crystal ball! Both of them!”, for some reason. 

Here’s the IMDB

Miami connection

Drug dealing ninja biker gang vs international taikwando orphan rock band.

In Orlando and not in Miami.

Greatest soundtrack ever. “You must look after your health.”  “I thought we were all orpans[sic].”

Even if it was given to a good director, it still wouldn’t make any sense. But you feel good after watching it. Because the good guys win at the end.

Here’s the IMDB

Science of shit


We watch a ton of B movies and i saw someone make this graph. I dont remember where, so i made my own. But a good b movie is one thats so good its bad. Most B movies are just boring. The redlettermedia guys describe it perfectly. The producers and actors play it straight and try hard to make a good movie. And they fail completely.

Edit: that quality axis should go the other way. Good quality is on the left not the right.