Low blow


What do you think of when you hear the name cameron mitchell? Yes, drunk on set.

This guy looked so drunk, he couldn’t talk or stand up. He was quiet and on a chair the whole movie. Wearing sunglasses and a cape. When he slept, he wore the head piece of the cape.

So this movie starts with leo fong shooting at some bad guys that were robbing a restaurant. He doesnt hang around for the cops, he just says “keep the sandwich” and walks out. He also seems to live at a dump.

Michael michaelson also stars in this gem. He is the father of a girl that was kidnapped by cameron mitchells cult. But this cult just did gardening and brainwashing to do more gardening. We need more of these cults really.

Michaelson hires low blow to get the daughter.  He does, because plot.

I wish cameron mitchell wasnt so drunk. We would have had a good speech before he shoots someone.