Robot Jox

robot jox

This cowboy said “I’ll see you in hell” & then gives us a thumb-up. Ok then.

Robot Jox is not a terrible movie. A b-movie will try their best to play it straight & then fail. They dont fail. I think its just a very very cheaply made movie. Imagine the robots from pacific rim but made with the budget of about 100 bucks.

So, this movie is set in the future. And war is banned in the future. So nations battle it out “trial by combat” style using these things. The lead actor, at the start, tried to stop a missile fist going into the crowd and killing tens of people. He jumped in front of the fist and flew back into the crowd to end up killing hundreds of people. Smart move asshole. Now the Jox company, or whatever, has to find a new pilot. They have a jungle gym for kids in a room and they sprayed it silver because in the future, everything is silver. The gym scaffold pipes are booby-trapped. A toddler could pass it if you just observe for a few minutes how other people are failing.

The rest of the movie was slow and boring. The budget was in the robots & the rest of the movie was padding to get to the start and end fights. It got a 5.3 on imdb.