Ever wondered what would happen when you mix robocop with predator? This movie attempts to answer exactly that.

So Robowar is basically a dude in a motorcross biker suit and he is in the Philippines where the BAM (big ass motherfuckers) are hunting him down. There are long scenes where nothing happens to pad the movie from 40 mins to 90 minutes.

ROBOWAR always says some garbage and then ends it with “greasy”.  Like “bididbidieidpeodpe greeasy”. For some reason.

Some other army was chasing some other group through the woods and killed everyone but the only girl. This girl joins the BAM and they give her a gun. For some reason because they don’t even know if she knows how to use a gun of what she was doing in the woods.

The lead actor here was the very same pilot in Space Mutiny. We didn’t plan to watch these two movies on the same night. But hey, strange things happen on stupid movie night.

This movie scored 4 on IMDB. I think all the reviewers were quite generous.