Space mutiny


Where did Cameron Mitchell buy that Santa beard?

Ok try to keep up. Space mutiny is 90 minutes of sci-fi. That uses stock footage of the 70s Battlestar Galactica in another story where an officer of this ship tries to take over. I didnt pay attention as to why he wanted to take over. The current captain is Cameron Mitchell who then hands over the captain title to some fighter pilot just because his “daughter” had the hots for the pilot. I used quotes for daughter because that actress seemed to be Cameron Mitchell’s age and waaay older than the pilot.

There was a chase scene where they re-bodied some golf carts with what looked like card board. You can see how flimsy it is as they took their 3 kph corners. Mind you, all corners were right turns. Because this movie was shot in some refinery or something.

Oh, and they killed some lady and in the very next shot, she was at her desk doing her work. This gem got 2 out of 10 on imdb. I could delete that shot and instantly make this go from 2 to 3.

If you like bad movies, watch this turd.