What would you do if you had a baboon for the weekend? Obvious! Make a horror b movie.

Shakma is a cute little baboon and is sometimes interchangeable with a stuffed toy. He had some brain surgery in this building and then escaped his cage and now wants to kill everyone in sight. For some reason.

Every death scene works like this: 1)shakma runs at the camera and jumps.  2) cut camera to victim and the stuffed toy is thrown at their face. 3) cut to same victim on the ground,  dead,  throat slit. I think there were 6 people in the building playing some game and they all died except one guy.  Of course only one guy will survive.

These people were playing some game over walkie talkies in this building.  They had to go to some room, find a clue,  radio the clue in, the game master will then radio them back an instruction to go to another room. Why?  What is the end objective?  What enjoyment is there to just following the game masters pre-determined path? Who fucking knows?

The most memorable part of the movie is the use of the word “over”. They use it at the end of their sentence on the radio.  I get it, you need to signal that your done talking. But this movie hammers down that point that they are following protocol very diligently. They must have said “over” about a thousand times.

Shakma got 5.2 on imdb. Because he is so fucking cute.