Total Force


Stallone acts in this turd. Frank Stallone. Geez, how many Stallones do you know?

We found this movie on youtube and the title was “Total Force, Stock footage abuse”. And this was a good tip. This movie basically was like watching CNN or BBC with random cuts of exposition. It was hard to watch. I felt sick after a few minutes and then turned away from the TV. I’d rather listen to the movie than actually watch it. The audio cuts still made me sick and we turned it off after about 30 mins.

So what is Total Force? I’m not entirely sure because i couldn’t watch it to the end. Its a war movie because there were fighter jets at the start, and then a crack squad of goons, one of them will be Stallone, will go into the danger zone and rescue someone. I’m sure this is what happens. All of these b movies are like this.

In that first few minutes, there were a few people dressed in some military uniform, that were looking at a screen and doing exposition. On screen, wasn’t footage from the perspective of a soldier or pilot, it was really stock footage, and you would think that the military would send out 2 fighters and then a 10 men crew to film everything. In different aspect ratios and filters. For some reason.

This got a 3.2 on imdb. It should have been a 0. I suggest that you watch it. Not because its good, but to see if you could make it further than me.