Exterminator 2


This wasn’t the first movie choice for us this night.

The first pick was The Tomb. The first few minutes looked amazing. Like it would even be a good movie. Then it sucked. Our rule is “if it still sucks after 30 mins, we pick another”. It was so damn boring. People walk around and recite the script that they memorised.

The second pick was Escape from Galaxy 3. This looked like a sequel to starcrash. That movie with that belter Caroline Munro and David Hasselhof. Well this one didnt have them, or texan ‘cops’, or the count dracula bad guy, or Afro Acton. It did have the Count’s space ship which was a metal hand that looked like lego. I vaguely remember starcrash and i think that hand-spaceship footage was copied from starcrash and not new. After 10 minutes, we weren’t inspired and then moved to the third movie.

Exterminator 2 is 90 minutes of robert ginty and shaft driving a shitty dump truck and killing bad guys.

The dump truck was the star of the show, robert fucking ginty presses a button to compact a bad guy inside the dump part, but the guy doesn’t even seem to be in any discomfort. He doesnt even seem to dislike the smell of a garbage truck insides. Which means that the filthy truck is kind and considerate. Then robert fucking ginty installs cardboard ramming bar/sheet at the front to push cars or things out of the way. But you know its not going to work when the truck drives around a bumpy road and the bar bounces around.

Ok so the reason that the teuck had mods, its cos the bad guys killed shaft.  Shaft is such a cool cat, he finishes his dump truck job at night by going direcrly to a bar. No smell, truck is awesome. Then he is always bouncy and a cool cat and getting girls to party with him.

Robert fucking ginty wears the same jacket in every scene.

Fuck this movie. Its boring. Dont watch it. We didnt watch the first exterminator movie but im sure it will suck.

Ps. If youre wondering why my watch list looks a lot like red letter media, its because i follow their awesome lists and opinions. Seriously,  you should check them out on youtube.