End of 2015 summary

We started watching bad movies some time on March or April 2015. It started with Birdemic and what a start. We didnt think we could get any worse. Oh how wrong we were.

49 Movies later. Our picks for top 5:

  1. Double down
  2. Birdemic
  3. Miami connection
  4. The room
  5. Troll2

Honestly its actually Double Down by far as #1 and then then next four can share second place as they’re equally awesome.

So, Neil Breen, you’re awesome.


The only way to blast through these movies was to watch two in one night. Its not too difficult as they are usually exactly 90 minutes. Start at 8pm, end at 11pm.

We’ve added so much more to the list of movies to watch. So 2016 is going to be packed.

Here’s what we’ve watched in 2015.

  1. Birdemic
  2. Starcrash
  3. The room
  4. Battlefield Earth
  5. Escape from New York (Too good of a movie)
  6. Kung Fury (Self aware)
  7. Howard the Duck (30 min, boring)
  8. Poultrygeist (Self aware)
  9. The black gestapo (30 min, boring)
  10. The black hole
  11. Wing commander (30 min, boring)
  12. Raiders of the lost shark (Self aware)
  13. Batman (the Adam West one)
  14. Mega shark vs giant octopus (Self aware)
  15. Robot Jox
  16. Condorman
  17. Deadly Prey
  18. Miami Connection
  19. Hard ticket to hawaii
  20. Zardoz
  21. Hands of steel
  22. Sinbad of the seven seas
  23. ROTOR
  24. Picasso trigger
  25. Terror in beverly hills
  26. Samurai cop
  27. Troll2
  28. Malibu express
  29. Low blow
  30. Guns (30 min, it was getting late)
  31. Back to the future (it was 15 Oct 2015, its not a bad movie by any means)
  32. Halloween (It was halloween, didnt have a b-movie feel)
  33. Friday the 13th (It was halloween, had a bit of a b-movie feel)
  34. Waxworks
  35. Frankenhooker
  36. Mystics in bali
  37. Space Mutiny
  38. Robowar
  39. Shakma
  40. Total Force
  41. Aerobicide
  42. Hollywood cop
  43. Exterminator 2
  44. Future war
  45. Double Down
  46. I am here….now
  47. Yor, the hunter from the future
  48. Savage beach
  49. Return to savage beach

Just a handful were added because we thought they might be bad due to their cheesy goodness. But they’ve aged quite well.

A few weeks into the mission and we realised that we needed a cut off time to decide if the movie was worth continuing. This was 30 minutes. Plenty of time to decide. We have killed two or three more within 10 minutes and they have been left off the list. The Tomb was one of them.

The greatest sin is to be boring.