Savage Beach


Ah. Andy Sidaris. The master of giving the people what they want. And by ‘people’, I mean horny men.

Andy has footage of that he uses in most of his movies. This is not bad, they all seem to work. The plane over the trees, the plane in the hangar, the warehouse, the sexy girls in their sexy uniforms, the red jeep, the Hawaii restaurant.

So, in 1989, these girls are some drug enforcement cops and they look for a guy, find him and then stop him. Now, they are helping a military guy find some gold stolen by some Japanese.

Memorable moments:

  • The Japanese actor stole the show. Best acting in an Andy movie ever. He even used that scene in the sequel
  • Exposition took place in a jacuzzi while these girls wash their dirty breasts
  • The awesome Japanese actor was still alive and chopped the bad guys. I cant remember the plot point exactly because he looked like he could be Y K Kim in zombie mode still searching going around the planet murdering everyone in his quest to achieve world peace.
  • There is a bad guy from the Philippines that looks very South American and is named Martinez. I wonder why.

You cant help but love an Andy Sidaris movie. Girls, Guns and G-strings.