Do or die


We’re still making our way through the andy sidaris 14 movie collection. Guns girls and gstrings. Andy is such a bro.

Again, we have the sexy dona spier and few repeat actors. Same stock andy footage of the planes, jeeps, warehouse, restaurant.

The plot is this: mr miyagi meets these two girls and could them right there with his henchmen, but he lets them go and tells them that he is sending 6 teams of two people to kill them. They all fail. Mainly because poncho from chips99 is here to save the girls.

Oh and mr miyagi loves have his tranny slave give him massages all the time.

The only memorable moment is when the tranny is massaging miyagi, she says “you know the human body has 200 bones. Lets make it 201.” Then he says “lets change that”.

What the fuck?

Im pretty sure we’re past half way with the collection.