Thats the only word to describe this celebration of campy homosexuality.

So… we kick off 2016 with barry bostwick, the mayor in spin city, who is the leader of team megaforce. A super secret army in a desert that fights not so very bad villains. We thought that the only reason yhis movie was made was to sell toys. Their cars/trucks/bikes had a white/ orange /black design which means that they actually had a budget for this movie.  Too bad that they didnt spend it on scriptwriters. After 20 minutes, it felt like an hour past by. There were many moments where we felt like turning it off.

Memorable moments:

  • Everyone had a spandex jumpsuit that was waaay too tight
  • Sexy persis khabatta was sexy but didnt show off her tits (we watch too many bad movies, and we expect this because we’re idiots)
  • To shoot helicopters,  the bike has to do a wheelie and then fire a rocket from the front where the bike light is located.
  • To avoid something (dont remember and dont care) they had to abandon all of their bikes,  about 30, and put them into self destruct mode. This is the most expensive army ever. 800 dollar toilet anyone?
  • They have a mobile fuel station bivouac for a single mission.
  • We couldnt tell if the bad guy is a friend or an enemy of bostwick’s character
  • Every soldier has their flag sewed into their spandex. We dont know if this was to unite the army or do the opposite.

This movie sucked. Watch it and hate it too.