This movie was made because Airwolf was available to act in it. For five minutes of screen time.

There is a space ship that looks like a refinery, and an alien (that looks human) escapes, and it lands on earth, and stuff happens, and the earthlings kill it.

Memorable moments:

  • There are two hillbillies that act like Elmer Fudd.
  • The space secretary has holes cut out her top where her breasts are and then it shows her bra. You know, in the future, all space people dress like this.
  • Jan michael vincent (airwolf), phones it in. Three minutes of screen time at the start, one minute in the middle and one at the end.
  • There is a creep guy that tries to bang all the girls.
  • Alienator is a chick with many muscles and bad S&M leathers. She has coffee grinders for a bra.
  • There is a lightsabre fight.
  • Terrible props. The Alienator gun is a bicycle pump thing or jack.
  • Terrible dun dun dun dun ambient sound track.

There are a ton of WTF moments and this makes the movie fucking awesome. Watch it.