The guy on the left is Officer Alex Hawkamoto. His friends call him Hawk. Or Hawkeye. Or Hawkey. The guy on the right is not Eddie Murphey.

The premise is that there is a drug deal that goes bad and then Hawkeye kills everyone. We think this movie was made because they had some karate experts. (oh, we’re going to do this now, figure out why this movie was made.)

Memorable moments:

  • Henchman is pissed off at his haircut & fucks everyone up.
  • There is a mucleman russian that only understands Japanese and is always shirtless like Randy from Trailer Park Boys.
  • Michael Michaelson (Troy Donahue) acts in this.
  • I think the title credits said Leo Fong directed this. He made Low Blow, another classic.
  • Hawkeye is from Texas and is not an asian stereotype
  • The Not Eddie Murphey guy is an Eddie Murphey impersonator. He also made his own movies and a fitness video called Combatitude.
  • Teacher randomly hits on Hawk. Just like in Samurai Cop
  • Hawk like to spin, drop to the ground, pull out a gun and shoot a bad guy accurately.
  • Read-out exposition by Not Vladimir Putin in the karate scene.

This movie does have some boring moments but its still worth watching.

So watch it.