There’s a guy in a small town killing everyone for some reason and some tourists find him and kill him. That’s it. Thank you.

Ok, so why was this movie made? Probably because there was a fishing convention in 1986 in some town. There is a giant muskie fish statue in some park and this was probably the reason someone thought it would be a good backdrop for a slasher film.

So there’s these five tourists, they go to this town. It happens to be during a fishing convention but none of them say that this is the reason they are going here. It’s coincidence. One of the guys in the group then realises that this is the very town that his grandfather died 17 years ago. I dont know, if i saw someone die, I would remember that area quite well.  The grandfather was playing some music during his fishing pass-time and this triggered the killer, a war veteran, to kill to stop the music. The same thing happens now, someone plays music, vet kills them. It might have happened for the past 17 years too. But that’s never mentioned. They never caught the killer since then. Probably because the cop is an idiot.

Some memorable moments:

  • Another tourist family has an annoying mother that says “hoo hoo hoooo, hoo hoo hoooo” every time she is excited. She dies.
  • Same family has an annoying son that steals and acts like an idiot. He dies.
  • There is a slut in the town that bang everyone and leaves her toddler son alone in the woods for bears to eat. She dies.
  • Main group has a friend that acts like a war vet even though he is way too young. He is like the ‘gyet offa mah praperty!” guy from the powerpuff girls. He also walks around with a automatic rifle that made of wood. For some reason.
  • War vet stores the bodies under water and they all look like Michael Jackson with thriller make up.
  • There is a lift on a rail that seems to take 17 years to go from one end to the other. About 50m distance and 10m of height.
  • Main guy of the main group is a coward. He has a clear shot to the vet and doesnt take it. Even thought the vet killed all his friends.
  • Someone won a fishing competition buy putting a metal pipe inside the fish.
  • Every death scene looks like the victim is grabs the fishing hook and rubs it around their bodies and tomato sauce gets spread.

If you like b-movies, watch it.