Remember in 1993, when jurassic park came out? This was made in a few days after that. And it happens to star the mother of the main actress of Jurassic park.

There are many similarities between the two movies, there is a dinosaur and there are people.

There are a few differences. I’ll only say where Carnosaur deviated from the Jurassic formula:

  • The story is completely fucking retarded. A doctor wants to kill humans so she makes chicken eggs that will make women pregnant with dinosaur babies.
  • The people are fucking retarded. They walk around a slaughter house even when they see human limbs around.
  • The effects are fucking retarded. The dinosaur changes scale in shots.

I don’t have a list memorable moments because I forgot most of it. I would gladly watch it again though. Because I was entertained. And this is what makes a good bad movie. Its entertaining despite being retarded.