Intensive care


We’re watching foreign movies in February. So no English and lots of reading. The first one is Intensive Care.

In 1991, USA actor George Kennedy, the fat old guy in naked gun, went to The Netherlands for a holiday. So naturally some people saw him, they then made a horror movie in the weekend that he was there.

The plot is pretty simple. This doctor (George) thinks he is good at brain surgery, some shit happens and he dies. He is in a coma for a while and then when he wakes up, he’s a zombie. One that breathes like a banshee. He then goes around the town killing everyone for some reason.

Its a slow movie. Lots of walking, stalking, walking, loud breathing, more walking, some talking, then some more walking.

Here’s what I remember:

  • Main actor is quite rapey. The girls does however, send mixed signals all the bloody time.
  • Girl drills the eyeball of George.
  • They film a kid connect a wall plug for a few minutes.
  • The main dude looked like his head was hacked off, but the girl gives im a band aid and he is fine.

I say watch this.