Life of ninja


Oh look, a kung fu movie during Foreign movie February. How original. Fuck you.

This gem was made in 1983 in Hong Kong.

There are these sisters. They inherit their father’s money and a husband of one of them is managing it. He seems to know what he is doing and the wife is drunk 100% of the time. But they want to kill all the people that work for him. For some reason.

One of the sisters is a ninja. But she hires other ninjas to kill the employees.

Some memorable moments:

  • Ninja sister wears a sexy pair of leather pants. Oh, she fucks up a few people easy.
  • Sexy mud wrestling is part of the intro sequence.
  • 1000 wire fight scenes were good (reason for making this movie. probably.)
  • There are flash ninjas. These are girls with big tits that flash the enemy to distract them. Obviously there are no male flashers allowed. That would make the movie ridiculous.

Watch it.