Turkish spiderman


The official title is 3 Dev Adam which is literally translated to Three Mighty Men. There are about 6 Spidermen and Captain America and Nacho Libre. They’re all bad guys and they fight with fake Timothy Dalton.

We loved this movie and did know why was anyone doing anything or why they are the bad guys, why they chose these costumes, what they were stealing, why was it so important to catch them. They didnt catch them too. WTF is strong in this movie.

Its about 60 minutes long and that probably because of all the hard cuts in the movie. Its a 1973 movie that celebrates copyright infringement and the Turkish disdain for America.

Here are some memorable moments:

  • Spiderman, Captain America and Nacho go to strip clubs to chill out.
  • Those fucking hard cuts on every scene.
  • 5 Spidermen die but the 6th one was the real one.
  • Spiderman’s mask allows for his monster bush eyebrows to be threaded through the eye holes.
  • All the music is knock offs of James Bond music.
  • Fuck origin story.
  • Spiderman’s costume looks like pyjamas.
  • Nacho does some sweet wrestling moves.
  • Loud 70’s shirts.
  • Captain America wore some Native American jersey with a built in scarf.
  • They kill a guy with a rat through a tube stuck on a guys face.
  • Good bad-guy-laughs.

This is retarded. Watch it.