Night train to terror


God and satan are sitting on a train and they play back events of three people in their window. Then some how they make it look as if they are competing on who is better, god or satan, based on the outcome of these three peoples lives. Oh, and the train is supposed to crash at dawn. For some fucking reason.

It seems like they found these three short stories and then decided to stitch them together to get 90minutes of runtime using some convoluted story of morals. It all bullshit. Then each scene starts with some rock band on a train where the stage looks obviously too big to be a cabin of a train.

Memorable moments:

  • Cameron Mitchell is in this & he is not drunk out of his mind
  • The guy that starts the Man with the golden gun is in this
  • Bull from night court is also in this
  • Devil in the end looks a bit like robert z’dar, but it wasnt him.
  • We ate nachos during this shit
  • it was raining this evening

This was a run of the mill junk. The worst sin a movie can make is to be boring. This move was more boring than it should be. Which can only mean that there was a ton of lazy during the production.

You can watch it if you have nothing better to watch.

Pocket Ninjas


Good luck to anyone that could watch this for its entire length in one sitting.

There are these three kids that are given ninja skills and powers for no reason by this Aussie dude that wears an american flag.

The kids then find random crooks and beat them up.

Every fight scene has whacky cartoon sounds and actions. Think, Robert Z’dar bouncing up and down on a balloon and making a funny face and doing that rabbit ears thing with his hands by his head. Yeah, pretty fucking retarded.

We did 32 minutes of this shit and then killed it. We dont even know why this movie was made? it wasnt the fighting stunts, wasnt because they could get the z’dar for a weekend, wasnt because of the story.

Do not watch this turd.

A Serbian Film


This movie was fucked up. It probably inst a bad movie. The maker shows how he reconditioned the main character to do some pretty insane things. The side effect was that we, the audience, we desensitised to it.

Don’t watch it if you have a weak mind. We had to watch 60 minutes of funny Japanese ads to recover from this movie.