Pocket Ninjas


Good luck to anyone that could watch this for its entire length in one sitting.

There are these three kids that are given ninja skills and powers for no reason by this Aussie dude that wears an american flag.

The kids then find random crooks and beat them up.

Every fight scene has whacky cartoon sounds and actions. Think, Robert Z’dar bouncing up and down on a balloon and making a funny face and doing that rabbit ears thing with his hands by his head. Yeah, pretty fucking retarded.

We did 32 minutes of this shit and then killed it. We dont even know why this movie was made? it wasnt the fighting stunts, wasnt because they could get the z’dar for a weekend, wasnt because of the story.

Do not watch this turd.

EDIT 22 months later in January 2018.

We watched the remainder of this movie. What the fuck? There are a million training montages and the good guys or bad guys don’t seem to be improving after every training session. Then the plot makes no sense. There is some shit about chemical barrels that are being moved around. Then the bad guys kidnap the mother of one of the good guys. But they try kidnapping her with something tied to the end of the fishing rod. They tie money to the end of the line and the mother didn’t run after it. Then they try it again with a shopping coupon and she took the bait.

After more training montages, we see a chase scene that takes place in the crowd of some festival on the streets of the area. The chase had no reason to take place. No one knew the other party would be there or have a reason to be there with their shitty dragon masks.

After even more training montages, we have an ending. Its a fight, but not a real fight. Its some bullshit virtual reality fight where the two game characters are Robert z’Dar and another dude. The players of the game are the main villain, Cobra Khan, a 12 year old idiot, and the the ninja good kids. The actions of the players don’t match the game character movements. The VR costume is a janky helmet with the visor falling off and slinkys tied to the player’s hands.

Really terrible movie.