A talking cat !?!


The exclamations and question mark is part of the title. Its not me being an idiot.

This is a gem. Incoherent story. Bad dialogue. Bad acting. Total gem.

I think the producers saved Eric Roberts’ (Yes, Julia Roberts’ brother) life by pushing him out of the way from a car. And then Eric said that he owes the producer a favour. Then the producer got the first draft of a script, mailed it to Eric, and then told Eric to read it all out on the phone after several bottles of whiskey. The producer the took the audio track and made a movie around it. I’m speculating here, but, if this was not the exact way they got Eric involved, then I don’t know what is. Also, don’t think I’m defending Eric, he’s shit too. But the level of effort he put in this, make it looks like he didn’t even know he was going in this.

So…. the story….

There is this cat that only can talk to a human once. He finds a way to get an old man to meet an old lady who is dealing something with some investors and they wont invest in something because the daughter fucked up the cooking of the cheese puffs. And the daughter fucked it up because she wanted to learn about web programming because the old dumpy looking man was some big shot website programmer.

Then there was another pretty girl that was interested in some guy who was interested in some other guy who was interested in some girl.

So why did this movie get maid? The producer has an audio track of Eric Roberts and two houses that he could film in for the weekend.

Would we watch it again? Probably. Should you? Probably.