In 1984, you’re racist and you need to make a movie that brings races together. So you make a casually racist movie about break dancing.

Apparently the reason this movie was made was to be the first in making this type of movie by the producers, Cannon films. I think they were competing with Orion films’ Beat Street. We haven’t seen Beat Street, but we will now.

Here’s the story….

There is this girl that it a gymnast/ballerina and she sees these hoodlum break dancers do some break dance demo in the studio. The owner of the studio kick them out because he either doesn’t like their ethnicity or he doesn’t know how to teach break dancing or maybe he doesn’t know if break dancing is high art that will be acceptable in theatres. No he’s racist.

The main actors have credit names like “shabba-doo” and “boogaloo shrimp” and they to the ‘you got served’ type of dancing where it looks like its a competition but also looks like a fight and its also a dance. We didn’t understand any of it because we did know how to tell if anyone was winning. There isnt any scoring system or way to compare technique. You know, like gymnastics, where its all a formula and you see how close you can get to perfect. Break dancing is all random and spinning on the head.

The middle of the movie has the hoodlums reject the gym girl because they ‘dont want hand outs’ just after they tell here that ‘no one helps them’. I don’t know what they wanted out of the girl. But to be honest, I was distracted by the shitty audio.

The last scene forces on you some ‘underdogs win’ feeling where the break dancers break into the ‘big auditions’ and then force the judges to see them dance and then this will convince the judges to say ‘you win the big auditions’. But we’re never told what were the auditions for. If it was for a break dancers show, then these guys would be good. If it was for swan lake, then probably not.

This was classic 80’s movie. ‘the gang’ needs to get ‘the big contract’ by winning the ‘big audition’ and beat the ‘big competition’. Anyone that found this movie good in the 80’s is probably a loser nowadays. Because the movie doesn’t make any sense. There isn’t enough detail to give a sense of legitimacy to why anyone is doing anything. It would only be good if you’re amazed at shiny lights and easily distracted.

Watch it if you hate the 80’s.