Its 1982 and you’re good at making rubber masks….

There is some retarded alien that comes to earth, infects one person at a time and then when the infection matures, the alien goes back to its planet. So the chain can break if there is something wrong with one link in the chain. Pretty dumb aliens. You can master space flight but can do invasions properly. Idiots.

So the alien converts a few people here and those people die and an alien emerges from their body to infect a new human. All one at a time.

There was a clever part where the alien is able to keep the memories of the person it infected/killed/ate/whatever.

Maryam d’abo (that cellist from the dalton james bond) has a nude scene. So there’s that.

There was an awesome gore scene where the woman gives birth to a grown man.

Watch this movie.

Apparently there is an Xtro 2 and 3 and 4. Maybe we’ll watch it one day. We still have many more other shit movies to watch.