Kill and kill again


Its one year old by the time i was born. This 1981 movie was ok. Not super shit. It has some good action and the story was coherent. The acting wasnt great but we were quite pleased with it.

So why did we give this movie a pass? Its South African. The place of our birth. The lead actress was Anneline Kriel. Miss World in 1974. The lead actor James Ryan was a martial arts expert and also later acted in Space Mutiny. That movie where Cameron Mitchell wears a two dollar santa stick on beard. Which i’m sure was stolen from this set.

So the story. There is a crazy bad guy that is brainwashing people of a town and these guys stop him. That it. Simple and well executed.

Why was the movie made? A bunch of martial arts experts in SA that want to show off their skills.

Watch it. Because motherland. Not a b-movie.