Star Wars Holiday Special


Its 1978 and George Lucas needs to buy many drugs. So he approved this turd.

Its 90 minutes of hot steaming mess. Apparently it supposed to be 120 minutes and we didnt see a section. We dont care, 90 was enough.

So Chewy and Solo are on their way home for a holiday called life day. Nothing made us want them all to die as much as this movie. The people waiting for Chewbacca are his wife, son and father. Their names respectively are Maude, Lumpy and Itchy. We sat through many minutes of groaning as their dialogue and then we sit through Lumpy play with his toys which are all hologram circus acts.

There was a scene that introduces Boba Fett. We dont know why people thought that he was a good guy to work on. He was just as shit as everyone else.

We hope all people involved gets cancer and dies a horrible death for making this pile of shit. Fuck you George Lucas.