Omega Cop


Imagine the future. Yes its distopian and the world only contains one street, a park and a basement. This, folks, is 1990’s Omega Cop.

There is a the main good cop, AKA Omega Cop, AKA John Travis, and he is fighting some slave traders. But this world doesnt seem to have customers that would actually buy the slaves. So I think they had the same business plan as the underpants gnomes.

The main guy is a slightly overweight, normal looking, old guy. Yeah, memorable. And his name John Travis, is memorable too. His boss is a drunk Adam West. Yes, thats batman after he was broke and needed to support his drinking habit.

The bad guys are just as retarded. There’s ratso, a fatso that looks like a rat. Racoon guy, a guy with paint over his eyes. And half face, a guy with paint on half of his face.

They dont seem to establish why the bad guys are capturing girls and making them slaves. They dont establish why this is the future, because everything looked very 1980’s They dont say why John Travis was the best guy chosen. They dont say why Adam West was locked in his office. They dont explain why Adam West needed to marry his secretary before the bad guys came to kill him. They dont explain why their base is the changing rooms of a baseball field. They dont explain why the bad guys wanted paint on their face. They dont explain why ratso needed to repeat the last words of the boss. They dont explain why one of the slave girls was unconscious. They dont explain why the doctor wanted to kill himself. They dont explain where the girls run off to when they were told to stay put. They dont tell you why the bad guys hate John Travis so much that they change how they operate just to kill him.

So there are a few plot holes. But this movie entertained us. I even want to find more Adam West movies in his later years.

Watch this movie.