Maniac Cop 1, 2 and 3


We watched the most famous trilogy ever. Maniac Cop.

You have the right to remain silent. FOREVER.

So lets get the plot out the way and then talk about the fucked up shit.

In 1988, there was a former cop that was murdering people, he was found out by a real cop but fortunately the killer cop killed the good cop. Then in 1990, he was found out by a real cop but fortunately the killer cop killed the good cop. They also tell you that he is a zombie because he was killed in prison while having a shower at night. Then in 1993, he was found out by another real cop but unfortunately the killer cop was killed by the good cop.

The killer/cop/zombie/prisoner is dear old Robert z’Dar (1950 to 2015 RIP). A legend in b-movies. We’ve watched a lot of his movies: Tango and Cash, Samurai Cop, Future War, Packet Ninjas, Total Force and Hollywood Cop. He’s been in 119 movies in his career. His b-movie fame is the biggest reason we wanted to watch the Maniac Cop trilogy. We even expected them to be good because you don’t find b-sequels to easily.

So lets get into the stupid shit in each movie:

Maniac Cop 1

  • Shaft (Richard Rowntree) is the police commissioner. He is always a cop is every movie.
  • z’Dar only says 1 word in this movie. And it isn’t pivotal.
  • This was probably on the verge of being a good movie.
  • There is a cop that seems to work at night a lot, his wife suspects that he is the serial killer and makes a book of newspaper cutting of these stories. She follows him on a beat and for no reason, he leaves the front door unlocked to the a place where he is actually banging some other cop. As the wife runs away, Maniac kills her and the other cops find her cutting book and think that he killed her. They go on the run. Maniac kills the guy.
  • Robert z’Dar is a monster sized dude. He picks up the cuttings chick and snaps her neck like a twig.
  • Maniac’s girlfriend (or mom) is in the police force and she has been putting these crimes to other culprits to avoid blame to Maniac.
  • The chick in the intro was the main killer chick in aerobicide
  • Tom Atkins is actually the main good guy despite the movie trying to convince you that the cheater husband was good. And for some reason, Tom knows that the killer is another cop. This led him to the girlfriend/mom lead.
  • Shaft and Tom talk about Tom’s mental state in the least tactful way ever. Are you still unstable?
  • There is a scene where some random chick is driving around and when she stops, a cop approaches her and then she shoots him because all the cops are bad. Turns out that he wasn’t the maniac.
  • They bait maniac by putting a tranny to be a hooker on the streets. It works. They shoot him and the bullets dont have an effect on him.
  • Tom dies, and there is a vagueness on what happens to maniac.

Maniac Cop 2

  • The main good cop is Robert Davi. He is Sanchez in the Dalton James Bond.
  • There is a scene where a guy robs a grocery store just like in cobra. We did some digging and found out that it was the same actor as cobra.
  • The main actor is titled as Bruce Campbell and dies pretty quickly at the start leaving Davi as the main guy.
  • There is a guy that looks like Zak Gylfinakais (The bad comedian with a beard).
  • This movie is waay better at being a b-movie
  • Robert z’Dar says 0 words here
  • There is a car chase where a woman is handcuffed to the steering wheel and no on else is in the car when its moving. Nuts.
  • Terminator 1 ripoff where the cops are shooting targets at a range and the maniac is at the target side and shoots all the cops.
  • Shelley Desai has a scene. His the landlord in Always Sunny.
  • Charles Napier has a scene. He is that crazy Marshal Murdock in Rambo 2 (hey a Stallone link in the 2nd movie)
  • Danny Trejo has a scene. He is Machete.
  • Sam Raimi has a scene. He wrote that shitty toby macguire spiderman 3.
  • Over 30 murders and z’Dar killed them all.
  • The best scene is when z’Dar walks through all the glass walls at the police station.

Maniac 3

  • This is the shittest of the trilogy.
  • Robert Davi and Robert z’Dar are in here. The rest of the actors are nobodies.
  • Some bullshit about z’Dar is actually under control of a voodoo doll by some crazy witchdoctor.
  • There is a scene where a cop catches a robber with a hostage. Shoots the robber, and the hostage shoots the cop for some reason. What the fuck?
  • Maniac end up on fire and has a good death scene.
  • Maniac is good at night-stick tricks.
  • Maniac killed everyone except Sanchez.
  • The end hints that there might be a fourth movie where a burnt girl might be the next maniac. They would have done it if the director hadn’t said that this was a tough movie to make.
  • This was a tough movie to make. Probably because there isn’t much going on and they managed to stretch it to 90 mins.

We liked the trilogy. It didn’t have a real arc between all three. It just seem to be stories that follow each other because they had the same main bad guy. There is a fair amount of replays of the prior movies to remind the audience what the fuck happened. Then they try to have a twist on the origin by making the reason for the killings to be the prison murder zombie and then the voodoo shit.

Watch this shit. In order.