Watch this movie right now.

Its 1984 and Cameron Mitchell is rock bottom with his alcoholism. His buddy Leo Fong is with him and they try to rid the world of racism towards asians but not blacks.

We saw these two together before. Low Blow was made by Leo Fong. Cameron was too drunk to even stand in that one.

So what’s it about? This comes from IMDB: “An L.A. cop investigating the rape and murder of his wife traces the crime to a psycho biker gang that smuggles guns. He teams up with an FBI agent to stop them and catch his wife’s killers.”  Now, The gang is only black guys with Cameron as the boss. Then the LA cop is Richard Rowndtree (Shaft) and the FBI guy is Leo Fong.

We haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. Here are some memorable moments:

  • Cameron is always fondling his tiny dog. While in the pool. While having a drink.
  • He tries to give the dog a smoke.
  • He also calls Leo with a “Hey Chinaman!”.
  • He takes the dog to bed.
  • He always mumbles some shit that is not related to the plot.
  • Shaft tells a cop that Leo is coming on this case. The cop asks if Leo was the person where his wife was raped and killed. Shaft says yes. Then the cop asks if Leo is stable to do the work. Shaft replies with “hell no, but he’ll get the job done”. WHAT THE FUCK. Hilarious bullshit dialogue. No need to cut to flashback to explain why Leo is going to act the way he does.
  • Leo thinks he is acting. He isn’t. He is just being Leo.
  • Leo has an awesome haircut.
  • We tried to call Leo on skype, but the number we found on the internet was a fax machine.
  • Shaft was only in one or two scenes. He was probably just paid for two hours on this movie.
  • Cam’s second in command guy is a scary looking guy and probably the best actor in the movie. He’s like a Bond henchman.

Should you watch this? Didn’t I tell you to do it already?