This movie could have been done in 30 minutes. But we sat through 90 minutes of nonsense. It was, however, a good bad movie. Classic B as we now think about it.

So in 1993, there is this lady, Cynthia Rothrock,  that does martial arts and this producer wanted her to star in it. Because in 1993, no women could be the main actor. Women were only rape victims.

She’s a pretty junk fighter too. Never actually hitting or hurting the bad guys, they pretend to get hurt and have a slow stupid reaction shot. And her mom-jeans. Always with the mom-jeans.

Ok story time. Cynthia is a waitress that does fighting on the side to supplement her income. The fights are stupid with a non threatening opponent. Both sides have their friends in the back acting as cheerleaders. The organizer for these events are these three accountant looking guys that don’t add to the story or establish why they do this and what they get out of it. They just take off from their jobs for 20 minutes and kick off a fight.  For no bloody reason.

All fights end with this one cop randomly patrolling some neighbourhood. He stops, they run away, she gets caught, she gets arrested, she gets let loose.

She is fighting to put her sister through school. Why doesn’t the sister get a job? Why doesn’t she take a loan? Why doesn’t her parents help?

The other part of the movie’s story this one crazy guy who rapes his wife and she runs away. So now he walks the streets and thinks that all women that look similar to his wife, is his wife. He kills their boyfriend and kidnaps the girl. Rapes them, removes their eyes and kills them. Why? He is normal for most things in his life. Why the eyes? He can tell the difference between most people but somehow he has a low accuracy with people that are similar to his wife. This was the most retarded part of the movie. Why does he have low accuracy just for one type of women? Idiot.

Later, its established that he was abused as a child when his parents divorced. Because this needed explaining. Every other thing didn’t need explaining.

The crazy man finally sees Cynthia and it so happens that she looks like his wife. He kidnaps her. But he puts on her fighting pants before getting kidnapped. The cop that always finds Cynthia fighting also finds her kidnapped and they have a final boss fight. Cop vs Crazy.

There was a sub plot about the crazy man’s wife’s psychiatrist getting kidnapped first and then she tries to get away by acting like the abusive Crazy man’s mom. She dies, I think.

This was a good enough movie. Could have been more retarded. The worst sin is to be boring and this movie was close too. The mullets kept us entertained during exposition until we got to the fight scenes. This movie could have been made much better if it was a little bit more retarded.

Watch it. Its good enough.