Mortal Kombat


1995 Mortal Kombat looks like it tries to fix what 1994 Street Fighter failed to accomplish. Having a tournament. It is also now that we realise that tournaments are a stupid idea as well.

The good guys: raiden, sonja, kitana, liu kang, johnny cage.

The bad guys: Shang tsung, sub zero, scorpion, kano, reptile.

For some reason these people are summoned to a tournament where the only prize is that you continue to live. What kind of prize is that? How did they know that this is the best way to get the best fighters. And no actual prize? What the fuck are you thinking movie? At least in the video game you get to put your three initials. But at least offer something to the fighters. Death to losers is a one take deal. No one will accept the invite in the next year. I suppose that they wouldn’t be able to call it ‘Mortal’ Kombat. It would be ‘get hurt and then recover’ Kombat. Who would want to play that game for 20cents at an arcade? Yeah this story does paint itself into a corner. They cant even make a sequel. Who would enter? 9 unknowns with random powers? That being said, I think only the bad guys died in this movie. All the good guys are still alive. Now where’s the ‘Mortal’ in Mortal Kombat movie? Five out of ten die. It supposed to be nine out of ten dead. You lying sack of shit. Well, if I really wanted a genuine tournament, I should have watched Karate Kid.

The Kombat in this movie isn’t really a proper combat. All of the bad guys do sneak attacks on the good guys. Its not a “hey good guy, lets go to the arena and fight right now.”. Its magic and sneak attacks. Oh, and they have a 100% change of failure too. The good guys always play it clean and always win.

So this movie is neither Mortal nor Kombat. So it is a movie? Usually movies have three parts, the introduction, the hardship of the main character and the overcoming of the hardship. This movie doesn’t have hardship despite being a fighting movie. They are trained to fight, so fighting is not hardship. Its just a regular working day.

The sound track also doesnt seem to fit the movie. It fits the time period. Mid 90s. So they have 90’s euro pop like 2Unlimited. Not some martial arts sounds.

Now what can we call it? The sequence of images with a some sounds.

Should you watch “The sequence of images with a some sounds.”?  Not really. Its not that exciting.