Street Fighter


The guy that wrote this script was the same guy that wrote: Die Hard 1&2, 48hrs & Another48 Hrs, Commando, Running Man, Old Judge Dredd, Tomb Raider Cradle of life, The Flinstones and a few others. Steven de Souza, what were you thinking?

So in 1994, Awesome actor Raul Julia was terminal and they needed to make this movie before he dies. They also knew it was meant for kids like me at the time. I was literally 12 when it came out and I used to play this game at the arcade for 20cents (2bob as known by friends). So you don’t see much skin from Kylie and Ming Na. Oh, and Jean Claude van Damme was the lead. I dont know the other guys. I think Ken was Samwise Gamjee in Lord of the Flies.

The best way to summarise this movie is that there are a bunch of good guys that work for the UN (actually called the AN in the movie) and they want to catch the main bad guy called M. Bison. Bison is a drug dealer and has many troops in a shitty uniform and he gave himself a title of General and he printed money in anticipation that it will become real currency when we takes over and renames the shitty town of Shadaloo to a new shitty name called Bisonopolis. Everything is shitty with this guy. He put a guy in his shitty lab to brain wash guy with shitty war footage. Then another shitty prisoner was a shitty doctor that was working on this shitty project by force decided to rebel by playing shitty wedding footage to the shitty prisoner. Oh, and the shitty General M. Bison also has a shitty floating desk in his tiny shitty command centre. The desk has video game controllers to make the shitty desk fly. Poor Raul Julia, he had to act as the shitty General M. Bison. I’m sure he had fun. Rest in peace good sir.

The next bad guy was the main henchman called Zangeif. The only memorable thing he does is that he makes a funny. While all the bad guys are gathered at some shitty carnival, they see a tv broadcast of a bomb truck driving towards their tent. Zangeif yells “quick, change the channel!”. What a gem.

The rest of the movie was standard crap:

  • Jean claude was Guile. He is rebelling again coward bureaucrats and is going to fight bison.
  • Ming na is Chun Li and is in avenge mode because Bison killed her father
  • Kylie is Cammy
  • Blanka was the brainwashed guy
  • Dhalsim was the doctor (stereotypes right?)
  • Ken and Ryu were hustlers in Shadaloo and got caught up in all this.

I remember being disappointed when I first saw this because I was expecting a tournament style movie where half of the guys are good & half are bad. But this movie had almost all good guys vs Bison, Zangeif and Vega. Zangeif even joins the good guys at the end. I was also expecting more combo moves like the game but it was just regular fight scenes.

Two trivial things stood out for us. Guile had a USA flag despite is accent. One of the AN troops had a black guy with the old South African flag. The old flag was taken out of service on 27 April 1994 and this movie was released on 23 December 1994.

If there were fewer actors, I’m sure it would have been totally boring. It was only mildly boring right now. I don’t think I will be watching this again. You shouldn’t either. Don’t ruin your childhood.