Spaced Out


Spaced Out is a 1979 movie where four people from Earth are abducted by aliens and they all die.

Let’s break this shit down shall we?

  • The aliens are humans and only beautiful females. Yet they have never seen a man. How do they reproduce? Do they live forever?
  • There are Star Wars props in a couple of shots.
  • They don’t know what sex is and they find out because the three male Earthlings are horny. You have Not-Mark-Hamil, Not-Christopher-Reeve and Not-George-Lazenby. The fourth Earthling was a girl named Prudence because the movie wanted you to know she is a prude.
    • Not-Christopher-Reeve was on earth and trying to get busy with Prudence and she wasn’t having any of it.
    • Not-Mark-Hamil was watching them near a toilet and started jerking it because he likes watching couples fight.
    • Not-George-Lazenby was on a bike near the area.
  • It goes from day to night in an instant, the alien ship lands and takes these people in particular. Why them? You have a space ship, why not look at them from a distance?
  • So┬áNot-Mark-Hamil gets examined by the medical officer alien chick and he gets a boner. She has never seen one and things get porno.
  • Not-Christopher-Reeve talks to jukebox and it tells him to rape Prudence on the off chance that she might like it. How did the juke box know? Why didn’t Not-Christopher-Reeve say “hey, you’re a talking juke box! How come you can talk? Do you have a family of juke boxes? Do you have feelings? Are you alive?”. Nope, he trusts a fucking talking juke box and tries to bang Prudy. She is kind of shy at first but like the new Not-Christopher-Reeve.
  • Not-George-Lazenby went after Not-Mark-Hamil’s sloppy seconds on an alien space ship.
  • Apparently the USA version of this movie has the juke box voiced by Bob Sagat. The Full House guy.
  • So now all the aliens had their way with the humans, their ship is falling apart and it ends.

This was not the most enjoyable movie. The set was probably the producer’s apartment and he put foil and pool pipes all over to make it look spacey. The story was non-existent as it never led to anything. The characters are basically cartoon characters that are one dimensional. So why was this movie made? Maybe the producer found three girls willing to take their clothes off on camera and then made a light story to so they didn’t get creeped out.

Would we watch this again? No. Its not funny or memorable or showcasing some skill.

Should you watch it? Probably not.