Demon Cop


1990’s Demon Cop is the poster child of the concept of laziness. This movie is so bad that the camera didn’t even want to be aimed at the actors. It’s 80 minutes long and felt like 180 minutes.

It had our favourite drunk Cameron Mitchell in the trailer and the intro. He was a doctor in a mental asylum and he was smoking and told the audience that he was a doctor and not the patient. We thought it was gold and we expected him to be himself throughout the movie. What a let down when we didn’t see him anywhere. He spoke for two minutes in the intro and maybe another two at the end and thats it. How did he manage to get his name as the first credit in the intro?

This shitty movie is about a guy that is infected with a virus and turns to a wearwolf some times. Then anyone he bites will also be infected and do the same. Thankfully we see none of that secondary retards.

Some of the shots weren’t pointed at the actors. There heads were cut off. The cuts where quick. No establishing shots of where they are and what they are doing.  Then the audio was bad too. Sometimes you don’t even realise its a flashback.

It’s almost like no one cared about this movie. Rocco Karega wrote it and made the shots. Then how they were ordered and cut and paced wasn’t done by anyone that cared. They probably got some student and they cut them in a basic way in the order of messy script.

We, trying to figure it all out is probably more effort than what the producers put into it. Shockingly bad. Do not watch.