The Punisher


I found out recently that The Punisher is part of a superhero comic book movie universe. Which means I will hate it. Luckily, this 1989 movie didn’t spend too much time with origin stories and gangbanging every other fucking superhero in the movie. The start of this movie gets right into explosions and gun violence. Its a celebration of fire and violence. And its glorious. It reminded me of Death Wish 3 where Paul Kearsey (Charles Bronson) shoots all the people. Watch it.

So Dolph Lundgren is an ex-cop and he is now a vigilante to go after the mafia bosses that killed his family. For some reason he has infinite ammo and for no reason there are other people that happen to want to kill the people he wants to kill. Also in a a very violent way. These other people kidnap the children of the mafia bosses and hold them in some warehouse. Dolph spent a lot of time killing everyone but he wants to save the mafia boss kids. Why? Leave them alone. What did you expect? Maybe you save the kid and then return them to the mafia boss and then he then re-evaluates his life and then changes his way to be more legal? We’ll the main mafia that killed Dolph’s family still wants to kill Dolph. Dolph is pretty stupid at this point.

The story is light and the violence is thick. Besides this? There isn’t much of a complex plot or character arcs or good set pieces. Watch it anyways. Its good schlocky action without a brain.