4 Sharknados, 1 screen


We’re pushing the limits of human torture to new records. Yep, we watched four Sharknados at once. Each quarter of the screen was home to a single movie and the all the audio was played at once.

I think that this is the only way to watch these movies. Here’s the rough outline:

  • Shaknado 1 (2013) took itself seriously. There is a hurricane and it has sharks and they fly around Los Angeles
  • Sharknado 2 (2014) was in New York. It was the same plot and had more cameos.
  • Sharknado 3 (2015) was in Orlando. It was the same plot and had more cameos.
  • Sharknado 4 (2016) was in Las Vegas. It was the same plot and had more cameos.

Interesting point on #4 is that the main guy’s premise say that he was shark free for the last five years. The main guy is the same actor in all four movies and they all look like they take place in the year that they were made. So 2016’s movie could not have a five year gap. Unless the prior three where set in the past or if the fourth one was in the future. But if all the props in the movie are current in the year that they were made, the five-year premise is impossible.

The lead actress in all four is Tara Reed. You can see her age a lot between these. Poor thing needs to take better care of herself.

Watching four movies at the same time is an interesting experience. The beats of the movies seemed similar so we kind of knew where everyone is and what everyone is doing. We figured out how to focus our hearing to one movie at a time and switch with slight difficulty. Following the mouth was a big help. The PC needed to be powerful enough to cope with 4 movies at a time and not cause any lag in audio. I think mine is a quad core i5 with lots of RAM.

They also where predicable enough with the first third being introductions, the second being some difficulty and the last third being the battle and victory. The third and fourth movies had longer introductions because of their heavy reliance on cameos. People want to see movies because they are entertaining not because they have a certain star that says a line. Maybe I’m out of date with my assumption of the average person.

Overall, the movies were passable as entertainment. They knew what they were making and the actors didn’t take it too seriously. This eliminates it from being called a bad movie. A bad movie is where everyone tries hard to make a good movie and fail spectacularly. These four are actually pretty boring. You know exactly what’s going to happen to everyone.

We’ve never watched any of them before and we now see that we would be turned off them if we did. Individual movies at least. Watching all four at the same time was a much better experience. You could use the time you would have spent waiting for your prediction to come true as time you could now spend keeping track of three other movies.

If you must watch it, do something fun while watching it. Or watch it the way we did.

I think that this technique of parallel watching will not be the last time we use it.