For Y’ur Height Only


It’s 1981 and EON released the twelfth James Bond movie called For Your Eyes Only. So what do you need to do to cash in on this craze before it fades away? You catch the next flight to Manila, find a midget, make a knock off in a weekend and then sit back back to watch the money roll in. Good times.

The short actor in question is named Weng Weng. He has a tragic life before and after this movie. But that’s too serious for this website.

We spend 90 minutes laughing our butts off watching this. The secret agent 00 has to stop a bad guy named Mr Big. Obviously he is another midget. Or dwarf. Mr Big wants to hold the world hostage for some reason.

Here are some moments we loved:

  • 00 jumps to the ground from a large height. Im sure his knees were broken by the end of the movie.
  • 00 wears a new suit for no reason in every scene.
  • 00 can parachute down 40 floors with just an umbrella.
  • 00 is a womanizer.
  • 00 can slide on the ground and shoot bad guys until he runs out of floor and hits his head.
  • 00 kills a million people.
  • 00 carries a pistol that can be expanded to become an Uzi.
  • Everyone else can kill a million people.
  • 00 has a hat like Oddjob except that its better because 00 can remote control the hat in flight using his watch.
  • Bad guys were dubbed by New York accent mobsters.
  • Bad guys drive a 60’s VW bug thats way to small to do anything bad.
  • 00’s boss says that 00 is just like James Bone. Not Bond. Bone.
  • Bad guys wear John Travolta shirts.

This movie made it into our top 3 of all time. Its insanely funny. Watch it.