The Order Of The Black Eagle


In 1987, a baboon named Typhoon stars as a British spy that needs to capture Nazi’s hiding in Brazil. He has a sidekick named Duncan Jax. The details of the movie are pretty straightforward. They find out about a weapon and they go to Brazil. They bump into Nazi’s, kill them, find out Hitler is kept alive and has a key to disarm the weapon. Everyone dies except the good guys. But this simple plot hides the way in which the movie goes about doing everything. Here is everything thats amazing about this movie:

  • The baboon wears tuxedos.
  • He also makes derogatory hand gestures. All the time.
  • He was the star of another movie we watched called Shakma.
  • He has his own baboon sized tank called the Desert Fox that he uses to save the day and kill everyone.
  • Everyone dies twice. Because repeat footage is cheap and the audience wont notice.
  • Duncan Jax has all the gadgets that Q branch would have given James Bond in 15 movies.
  • Villains get knocked out with light punches.
  • There was a guy named blade that used a knife attack.
  • Guy named wires to make explosives. Everything blew up. Twice.
  • A big guy that tossed people around. He was like the cobra tossing man in the cobra pit.
  • A guy named bolt that used a crossbow.
  • A girl that looked like MayDay from James Bond.
  • A man was literally run over by a vehicle and the footage was kept in the movie.

Why was this movie made? We think MGM wanted to cash in on the cult of James Bond movies. This was going to be an american production with no dry humour, more slapstick comedy and a baboon.

They made two movies and this was the second of the two. We will eventually watch the first one. But thats because we’re big fans of the baboon.

Watch this movie. The baboon sized tank is worth it.