Turkish Star Wars


In 1982, the proud nation of Turkey decided to make a science fiction movie called Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam or, in English, The man who saves the world. This is better known as Turkish Star Wars to the English speaking world.

It isn’t actually very Star Wars in its story. They ripped footage off the Star Wars movie to be used as filler in this movie. The actual plot of this one was that there was this one pilot that crashed on some planet with all men and one woman and he seduced her by smiling at her. During the seduction a villain existed. We couldn’t tell why he did what he did or what he was doing. The movie only kept cutting to generic Star Wars X-wing fighter scenes. It got so bad that an actor stood in front of the projector screen and the director though it was good enough to give us the impression that he was a fighter pilot too. The bad guy was a retard too. Just look at his hat in the picture above.

There was a badass training montage that went on forever. The main guy was in a rocky desert and he had to jump with rocks tied to his legs, bench press rocks, hit them with his hands and jump on the spot. I think airwolf music was playing in the background. We heard james bond music too in the film. Shameless.

The audio was still Turkish, so we had to rely on subtitles to understand what was going on. It didn’t help.

This movie was terrible. We laughed at the theft of Star Wars footage, but that wore off about half way into the movie. Nothing was good afterwards.