Another gem from Cannon Films.

This was 1989 and Jean Claude had in his seventh film. He started in 1982 as an extra in another Cannon film we watched called Breakin’. Missing in Action (1984) and Blood Sport (1988) were the Cannon Films and the others were not.

In this movie, you’re watching the future of USA. Jean is just trying to stay alive and is hired by a cyborg that knows how to get to the doctors in Atlanta to cure a plague. She, the cyborg, needed protection from thugs. The thugs are everywhere and rule everything and look like Mad Max scavengers except without cars. The thugs are also retards. They found the cyborg, they could have just went to Atlanta and got the cure. But no, they had to fight Jean Claude.

At this point, we’re getting good at watching bad movies and we figured that good old Menaheim and Yorum had a few scenes in their mind and made those scenes. The rest of the movies was bullshit to get to those scenes. It turns out that we were close. The scenes were to be a Masters of the Universe sequel. The rest of the movie was bullshit because they couldn’t actually make a Masters of the Universe movie.

Beyond the basic plot, there isn’t much going on. Its just fight scene after fight scene. The fights are good and this falls in the category of ‘schlocky action movie’. It’s not really bad. It’s competent.

The main bad guy (Vincent Klyn) was awesome. A huge beast that will break anyone. This was his first job and later in life, he also acts in Kick Boxer and Double Dragon (which we’ve watched). Then his sidekick, Alex Daniels, is another huge monster that has a million stunt credits to his name.

The bad part of this movie is that it lacked stupid moments. Our expectations was for stupidity because we saw that Cannon logo at the start. But this movie was too good to be Cannon.

We suggest you watch this movie.