Ghoul School


This movie was bad and we felt bad.

1990’s Ghoul School seems like a school project of a movie. It blew our minds that it actually had a production and distribution on IMDB. I was expecting it to say “Made by Jeff for five bucks because he lost a bet”. Nope. Someone had a vision. A pretty shit vision.

So two stupid thugs break into this school which seems to look like a plutonium refinery with all their pipes. How many pipes does one school need? Maybe three, cold water, sewage and gas. This one had a million. And they padded the runtime by following the path of the pipes in the intro. The baddies are hunting for a treasure or something and then manage to spill toxic waste on the grounds. Firstly, who the hell hides a treasure in a school? Secondly, Why does a school have a toxic chemicals pipe. Anyway, a person gets infected and then runs around the school infecting others until the main guy kills them all. They’re not zombies because they don’t have to die to become an undead baddie.

Honestly, thats probably what happened. It was so damn boring that we ended up talking about the economy at the time. We saw scenes of people running in that school all the time and we didn’t care. Let them all die. We’re also going to try to ‘watch’ these poor movies till the end. We’re not going to pull the plug at the 30 minute mark. Obviously, this is in the hope that the movie will turn out to be good. Like Terror in Beverly Hills. That took 40 minutes. But what a gem. “Close the fucking doors!”. We would also allow for some movies to be killed instantly. Like Cannibal Holocaust.

One of the main guys seems to have a damaged face. His lip was working on one half and dead-pan on the other half of his face.

There’s not much to this snoozefest. Avoid it.