Robot soldiers run away when they are threatened with termination and then want to have sex with each other. Sounds interesting right? Well, that sentence is probably more interesting than the entire movie.

Ok. here’s the plot. It’s a 1994 movie set in the near future that looks exactly like 1994. Some bad guy is holding someone hostage. The SWAT team is T-Force. A bunch of cyborgs that can take bullets and don’t sleep. They try to solve the hostage situation and end up killing one of the hostages. So the government decides to cancel the team and use them to charge cell phones. For some reason, they have free will and decide to run away. The real cops are now after them and so is one of the good cyborgs. Something happened and it ended. We couldn’t care about this. It was so damn boring.

It looked like Die hard and Terminator 1 was the inspiration of this movie. And this is probably the reason the movie was made. It’s like all those Ninja movies where they call it Ninja 3 but there was no Ninja 2 with the correct story arc. This producer probably thought he could hedge his bets by making a movie that could be a Die Hard sequel or a Terminator sequel. I’m pretty sure that they laughed at him when he tried to sell it as a sequel.

The main actor was Jack Scalia, who you would recognize from…nothing. He’s been in many forgettable movies in forgettable roles. The Director is Richard Pepin. Who has produced over 100 movies and only directed 15. I’m calling it now, he fired the director and had to step in. That’s why it’s so shit. Usually we find that the people that make B-movies usually end up working with other people we like and they make more B-movies that we like. T-Force is like the Bizarro version. The actors, Directors and Writers have made other movies that were just as boring. I wonder how much money there is in ‘boring’ movie market. I tried to find stats on this movie and could find anything.

Anyway, don’t watch this shit. It will put you to sleep.