American Ninja 2


It’s 1987. Two years after the hit movie American Ninja 2. Dudikoff is back in charge.

For some reason this movie is shot in South Africa and Mauritius. They don’t mention it but we recognised the locations and verified it on IMDB. Oh, the big give away was the love interest. A young Michelle Botes, who would later star in a local soap opera.

Again, the plot is thin. Dudikoff finds out that his fellow army people are missing and then he goes to investigate. He finds out that its because of some gang. They fight. Dudikoff wins. The end.

This movie did remind us of Black Gestapo, where bad guys get into buildings via the roof instead of just walking through the front door. Also, the bad guy seems to make a ton of clones which was the only reason we kept watching was because the bad guys had a massive ninja army. And all the sub-divisions of the army had colour coded uniforms for the types of stunts they could do.

If it wasn’t for us trying to recognise the locations, this movie would have put us to sleep. So watch it if you’re South African.