Dawn of the dead


Apparently, this movie started the zombie genre.

1978 was the year that zombies became cool. George Romero made one before and many other after. Even to this day, he’s making zombie movies.

Dawn of the dead is about two cops that are held up in a shopping mall surrounded by zombies. The have a helicopter but no fuel. They meet two other normal people and team up to survive. They waste an awful amount of  time in the mall and build up a place to live with a stash of food. They have to run away when a gang of bikers want to take over the mall. This is all walking dead stuff. Or maybe, walking dead all classic Romero.

It is a very boring movie. They move from location to location and encounter all the usual stuff. Maybe in 1978, people didn’t know about zombies and didn’t make imaginary zombie survival plans.

The good: zombies biting into flesh was cool.

The bad: boring as fuck

The ugly: make up was done by people that responded to the ad “make up artist wanted, must have own paints and not know how to speak”

Watch it. Only because zombies are cool. Drink plenty of red bull. This is a snoozefest.