Well well well. We’ve finally got around to watching Zaat.

Zaat is a 1971 movie about a retard scientist that doesn’t talk and kind of bumbles along from desk to desk doing random test tube activities. He drinks a protein shake, takes a dip in some water and converts into a monster that is horny for new kidnapped and converted women monsters. He fails and dies. So did this movie. Poetic right?

They mention some shit during some stock footage scene that this scientist, who is the narrator, like catfish, for some reason. He then wants to become a catfish, for some reason. The next activity is to do the same with a woman so that he can have a catfish wive and breed, for some reason.

Most of this movie is made up of establishing shots. Like any of it matters. But then they fuck it up too. Zaat is at a lake and they cut to the cops in a forest. Retards.

There are only two scenes that stand out for me. One is where Zaat is pissed off that his first victim died and he rages out in a pharmacy like Tommy Wiseau and breaks a few empty bottles in a very controlled way. The second is when Zaat is walking into his office and you can clearly see him wearing sneakers and not the costume feet.

Other than that, the movie doesn’t have much. If you like establishing shots, this is your movie.

Watch Zaat. Do it.