The extendibles


Brian Thompson is a badass. He is mean looking and he acted as the bad guy in tons of other movies. In this 2014 movie, he is the star.

The premise is to showcase the various people that he’s worked with since his career started.

In the first 18 minutes, we saw a news reporter make bad jokes, Brian break the fourth wall, bad sets, poor dialogue, undecipherable accents.

We couldn’t take it. Killed this movie.

Brian, pay someone to make a good story. Don’t do it all by yourself.

EDIT 14 months later in January 2018. We watched the second half.

Brian and other people break the fourth wall. It’s all done on some bad fake set as if the movie takes place in a single scene of another movie. There are terrible jokes at the expense of some woman. We gave up paying attention and started playing with our phones. It ended and we didn’t care.