The Thing With Two Heads


This movie captures 1972 like no other movie.

A rich doctor is racist, dying and has experiments on putting an extra head on an animal. When he dies, they use his recipe to put his head on another person. The person is black. He survives and these guys hate each other.

This was 90 minutes long and they explained everything in way too much detail. This movie could have been done in 30 minutes or less. Why didn’t they make movie that goes like: “hey, here’s a freak, this is how the world reacts to him”? We would have watched that instead.

The last 30 minutes was a treat. The black guy ran away from the hospital (ok, it was a basement) and was chased by four cop cars. We saw the same stunt over and over in different angles. This wasn’t the intent of the director. He wanted to make us believe that there were more cars and more crashes. Anyone with eyes would have picked up on the scam.

‘Unfunny’ is the best word to describe this trash. Why the hell was it even made? The plot was thin. The script was basic. The acting was terrible. The stunts..oh stunt, was bad. I think, it was just to showcase the talent of the costume designer. They had a good dummy of the racist’s head to move around. And they stuck on that type of shot for a long time. So, this movie was made because they had a good dummy maker.

Don’t waste your time with this movie.