2007. What a great year. Property prices were going through the roof. If you had a home loan company, you had line a mile long outside your front door. It just so happens that the there was a home loan company owned by a guy named Daniel Sadek that made so much money from this that he had a few bucks to spare on making a car racing movie that had good, fast and expensive cars and not the cheap, heavily modified cars. Good on you Daniel. It would be a shame if the market for homes took a nose dive in 2008 and all loans turn bad.

So the plot, its about a woman that is a mechanic and a race driver and a lead singer of a band and a fighter. She wants a record deal and the deal requires her to race a car and win. Her opposition is some creep vegan gambler’s driver. We’re not sure exactly what the relationship was because she the girlfriend of some guy that is the brother of the bad guy’s driver. The bad guy’s driver dies when he first races her. The brother reacts correctly initially but then doesn’t give a shit and goes on with the story. Now the woman needs to race her boyfriend and then she was winning up until the end where she stops short of the finish line and lets her boyfriend win. The vegan creep loses, something happens and the woman gets what she wants and has a very expensive car from somewhere.

The plot, as you can imagine, was not well thought out. But we know where the focus of attention was. It was on the butts of the 50 other women as extras. Yes, this movie was just a sleazy cash grab.

Were there any redeeming qualities? I suppose, every other movie treats their expensive cars with velvet gloves. This movie doesn’t give a shit and smashes a real Porsche Carerra GT and Ferrari Enzo. These are very rare and expensive. Other destructive movies also resort to computer graphic to simulate destruction. This movie does it directly.

If you want to see a movie that showcases hubris, this is for you.