Ninja III: The domination


In 1984 Ninja movies were picking up steam. Twice as many movies were made than in the previous year and it will peak in 1986. I posted some stats on it here. We cant judge it on its merits as a sequel in the Ninja trilogy because we haven’t watched the for first two. Cannon made Enter the Ninja in 1981 and Revenge of the Ninja in 1983.

This movie starts with 20 minutes of some random ninja guy dude getting chased in a desert and shot a million times. We’re never told why this happening. He survives by throwing a smoke bomb in sand and spinning like a drill bit and within a blink of an eye, hiding in the ground. Then for some reason, his spirit consumes this aerobics instructor. She was the girl in Breakin’ and, oh, this movie was made by the same people, Cannon Films. She becomes a ninja and then fights a bad guy. We have no idea what any of this takes place. She lives in a gym with burglar bars inside the house so even if there was a reason, it would be shit.

So why was this movie made? I think that Cannon made a shit ton of money four months before this with Breakin’. So they rehire Lucinda Dickey cheap, hire badass mad-skilled ninja guy Sho Kosugi to be the main bad guy. Exploit some bullshit back-story so they don’t have to worry about an actual script. Did they succeed? IMDB trivia says it was made in nine weeks. It made $7m. The budget couldn’t have been more than $1m or $2m. So yes, this was one of the few profit making movies for Cannon.

What we liked:

  • Opening sequence of converting a ninja into a colander.
  • Chase scenes all shot around the movie studio parking lot and maybe an abandoned block.
  • Ninja blows a dart into a gun and the gun explodes.
  • Non-stop ninjaring.

What we didn’t like:

Watch this movie!