Super Mario Bros


We’re kicking off 2017 with some shit from 1993.

Before this turd, no movie had been made that was based on a video game. The game was released in japan in 1985 and in USA in 1987. The producer probably got excited with the concept because it was so new and didn’t realise that its harder to get do than to just make a regular movie. There are just a few similarities between the game and the movie. You have Mario Mario and Luigi Mario that wear red and green respectively. The name of King Koopa but he is not a giant turtle. The goombas are in a really silly rubber suit. Thats were it ends. The girl that needs to be rescued is not Princess Peach. She is Princess Daisy.  There are no jumping around, no bashing bricks, no turtles, no giant mushrooms, no double height Marios and no green tunnels.

The story is about two plumber brothers that rescue a girl they meet that gets kidnapped. The area she is kept in is a parallel world that you can access if you jump through a wall in a cave.

This was an incredibly boring movie with a few slapstick set pieces that don’t smooth out the flow. They couldn’t make a movie closely based on the game and then they couldn’t even make a movie with a coherent story.